Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Please to take der Creedmoorer Kviz

Are you a shygetz? a Tzioini? Or are you one of the 80 (pay) tzaddikim upon whom the oilem goilem rests?

Click on the above link, take the test and see. It won't cost you a single foodshtempele!

Monday, June 26, 2006

The New Neturei Karta Fight Song (with thanks to Monty Python)

The clowns of todays Neturei Karta have about as much right to Reb Amram Bloy's "Hashem Hi Malyknee" as I do to claim authorship of the Star Spangled Banner.

So, I have done the tremendous chessed of writing a new song for today's NK - and I will not even charge them for the favor:

Dedicated to the 6 1/2 brave men of Monsey who stand outside and show their love for all seven Jews who actually agree with them:

My name's Moisheleh from the NK
I scream all night and most of the day
(His name's Moisheleh from the NK
He screams all night and most of the day)

I meet with terrorists, I fight with Jews
I go to meet with Hamas
Sometimes I get on Iranian TV
Cause Mahmoud's my real boss!

I mourn for Yasser, I burn the flag
I love to wear a checkered scarf
And when little kids see me
They say I make them barf

I'd die for Mahmoud cause he's so cool
And neo-Nazis are really my thing
Cause every month I get a nice fat check
From the Saudi King!

I go to Iran, I wear a furry shtreimel,
High heels, and a dress
So why does everyone say
That I am such a mess?