Sunday, October 23, 2011

Admou"r Mourns Ghadaffy

BS"D The Admou"r meCreedmoor is part of a delegation of mentally decomposed world leaders who are honoring the late and much unlamented Muammar el-Ghadaffy by standing guard at Misrata Misery Mart, the supermarket where Ghadaffy's body is now on display.

The Admou"r departed from Teheran on the Zionist holiday of Shmini Atzeres (not to be confused with the Assembly of Section 8 Vouchers) and landed in Misrata, Libya a few hours later. He was invited to place a kashrus seal on the corpse, enabling its sale to pet owners who need to euthanize unruly animals.

It is expected that the Admou"r will return to Creedmoor within the month, after the end of the Islamic mourning period and with Ghadaffy's freeze-dried ears in tow for re-burial in the Creedmoorer beis almin.

The burial will cement the Admou"r's most coveted "incurable lunatic" status for the next year, which will enable all three hundred quintillion of his multiple personalities to be certified or recertified after their tragic deaths at the hands of Hurricane Irene and several suborned insurance adjustors.