Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Der Admou"r Conflagratulates to dem Demokretik Party

"It is mit great pleazure det I, der undisputed lieder fin der largest Jewish multiple community in der velt, conflagratulates to der Demokretik Party for winnink again der House fin Reprezentatives in der New York State guverner race. As der largest block fin undeservink welfare resipientz in the United Stetes fin Americhke, we are knowink dat der Demokretik Party stends for welfare for all end work far keiner. We are also knowink dat der Demokretik Party is supporting to der weakining fin der Tzioinisher medina and der farshtarkeit fin Iran in Nort Korea. We are derfar having a Conflagratulation Party, where we make a conflegretion in our Alkatraz complex for insurance, Federal aid, and the Demokretik Way!"

Rabbi Dr Dovid Schmoigerman
Grand Rabbi of the Disordered and Disjointed Jewish Communities of Creedmoor
President for Life of the Anti-Zionist Republic of Creedmoor