Monday, November 14, 2011

The Admou"r is still in mourning


While the Admou"r did appear this past Shabbos to receive an aliya to the Koran and utter mi-sheberach for his friend Hugo Chavez, he was wearing sak ve'efer and clearly did not want to be disturbed any more than he is already mentally disturbed. He usually rests peacefully in the recesses of his kever, where he trades food stamp futures and old Libyan government bonds with a group of investors in Lagos, Nigeria.

A check of the Apple 2 in his office shows that he has successfully generated only 100,000 new personalities. He has apparently outsourced the rest of the work to India, and his Indian subcontractor is waiting for payment before he can proceed.

We will inform you of any new developments in the Admour's condition.

Until then, shygetz aross!