Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dovid Twersky is Dovid Schmoigerman


Well, until Lag beOmer night I never knew there was a real Creedmoorer Chassidus, where the behavior of reshoim is condoned by the leadership of the Chassidus. I knew that there are reshoim in every Chassidus, and every yeshiva, and every shul, because without them there is no tzibur - tzadikim-benonim-reshoim. These bad apples don't bother me either, because we're in golus and there will always be people who succumb to their worst tayves. After all, if there were no aveiros, we would not have any dinei mamoinos and dinei nefashois in Torah - nowhere does it say that eating only mehadrin means you will not succumb to the temptation to try your luck at a harebrained insurance scam that lands you 10 years of enforced kollel study.

Unfortunately, there is such a Chassidus.

Dovid Twersky is Dovid Schmoigerman. New Square is Kiryas Naye Creedmoor. There is no way he did not know and condone what was going on - not in a shtetl that consists of a few square blocks where he is the undisputed despot.

Dovid Twersky-Schmoigerman (you are a stain on your noble surname and you truly merit the one I added on because it comes from shoiteh-menivel-gas ruach, but you're not even a man because you have OTHERS commit crimes and do the time for YOUR scams and rishus), SHYGETZ AROSS! Time to close down your Talibanistan in Rockland County. Because of you, ten more kids will go off the derech every day that the news carries the disgusting goings-on in your New Abbottabad. You're no better than Helbrans with his cult up in Quebec - except that he doesn't finance his moisdos with government fraud and have others sit for him.

I guess there are ten righteous people in your Sdom (Zishe Schmeltzer, his father amus"h and a few others) or else the whole place would have gone on fire when your thug hoiz bochur did what he did.

Half of your people, the good ones, want to leave town anyway. The other half can be split between Rockland County Psychiatric Hospital, Sing Sing and Otisville.

The time for these shtetlach is over. When you could not be frum in the city, when Reform was claiming victims from frum homes, when the 60's and 70s' drug culture was claiming Yidden, getting away from it all made sense. Now, we can live as we are commanded to anywhere we want and bring Yidden closer as we do so. These shtetlach just keep people behind the times and keep people from growing both beruchnius and begashmius.