Monday, September 15, 2008


pell grants, welfare students, full scholarships, tuition paid in food stamps, senators get a percentage to their campaign funds, schmoigerman dinners and endoresement for candidates.

Creedmoor U Becomes a Federal Research Institution - Part 1

"10,500,000 diversity points! Now I will definitely be promoted to Deputy Assistant to the Associate Deputy Director of Frivolous and Wasteful Grants" exclaimed the most eminent product of Affirmative Action hiring policies, Ms Tossretta Wastehead.

Ms Wastehead, who pronounces her surname Wast'ed, is a native of Guam. Her father was born in Burkina Faso to Nigerian bank scammer parents who had decamped to Burkina Faso in order to be able to send out advance fee letters from a country other than Nigeria, whereas her mother was a Native Guamite of Antiguan origin, not to be confused with Natural Guano of Avian origin. Such a background, of course, counts for many preferential hiring points under the US Affirmative Action system. Therefore, our dear Ms Wastehead, a single mother, was very quickly promoted from her entry level position as a junior dishwasher in the Warren Harding Federal Building to her present post, which is designed to keep Affirmative Action hires out of the trouble that might result if they were given productive work with real deadlines.

At present, she is but the Third Deputy Assistant to the Second Deputy Assistant to the Deputy Assistant to the Depilatory Director of the Misbehavioral Research Grants Committee of the National Academy of Pseudo-Sciences of the United States of America, a position that carries far less prestige and a lower G-scale, or as she called it, G-string, than her desired position. Since Mrs Wastehead was only three years from pension age, her goal is to retire at the highest possible pay level and to use her generous pension in order to take advantage of all sorts of minority contractor and promotion of incompetent business laws once she sets up shop as a certified financial laundering and sanitization contractor.

And the source of her joy and hope was a proposal issuing from Professor Rector Dean Rabbi Dr Dovid Schmoigerman, whose credentials included a Psy. D. from The Discount Online Degree Site, and his Second Concubine Princess Rabbanit Lilac Blossom Prunepit McCall-Schmoigerman, of the Alcatraz Island branch of the R. E. Ganvetman Graduate School of Most Exalted Psychological Studies of the University of Baseless Hatred, Tribal Lands of the Nation of Greater Creedmoor.

She could hardly read the fine print, boilerplate and other obfuscation that comprise the hallmark of any Federal grant proposal, but which are elevated to an art form by the Schmoigerman enterprises. All she could see was that the principal applicants were Chassidic Jews of Native American and Other Minority heritage who resided on a tribal reservation and had hitherto suffered from discrimination so intense that they could not obtain advanced degrees, thereby relegating them to life on food stamps, welfare, and other Federal and State entitlement programs. This was also the first application to issue from the newly chartered University, which had obtained its charter online in the same fashion that its principals had obtained their credentials.

And the best part of it was the astounding number of research subjects: Ninety-four trillion, with a margin of error of two per cent. Yes, 94,000,000,000,000 subjects would be participating in a study aimed at improving the lives of food stamp recipients by observing their purchasing habits.

Now, how could this be done? Very simply, by issuing two extra months' worth of food stamps to each participant so that the researchers could observe how each one used his, her or its benefits to purchase food over eight Friday afternoons. This would be in addition to the forty-three billion dollars requested by the research institute so that they could purchase a supercomputer strong enough to monitor and analyze the mountains of data that would result.

For this, there was need for special approval and sponsorship by 2 senators. Only members of the Donkey Party would do, as only they believe in printing extra money in order to fund public non-works projects and keep their voters happy and the economy depressed so that more people need the entitlement programs that they favor.

We do not want to risk libel laws by naming them, but suffice it to say that they are names well known to anyone who has been following the donkey side of the US Presidential Elections. One is the formerly favored female donkey, whereas the other is none other than the present minority donkey....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Weiss Release Countdown

17 more years of tshuva (2754 instead of 2737) for the great tzaddik but at least he is not being released on Yom Tov! What a zechus to be able to do tshuva for generations yet unborn - and now one more generation has been added! Yomim al y'mye mylech toisif - shnoisov kmoi doir vodoir!

Also, the Admou'r meCreedmoor spoke this past Shabbos of the great zechis which Reb Sholam'ke has to be incarcerated in Lewisburg, which means (in Creedmoorish) har ha-levi'im. Whether the Admou"r was referring to shevet Levi or the counterfeit Levi's ring he and Weiss used to operate together in Malaysia is unclear, as is anything having to do with the Admou"r and Reb Sholam'ke.

1. SHOLAM WEISS 32610-054 54 White M
11-23-2754 LEWISBURG USP

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Preview...A Research Grant for Creedmoor U.

Ninety four trillion research subjects. That is what caught the eye of the members of the Misbehavioral Research Grants Committee of the National Academy of Pseudo-Sciences of the United States of America. And with such a large cohort of research subjects, approval was quickly forthcoming, along with the requisite financing.

The title of the project......................Food Stamp Usage Patterns Among Patients Suffering From Multiple Personality Disorder.

The name of the research facility...........................R. E. Ganvetman Graduate School of Most Exalted Psychological Studies of the University of Baseless Hatred, Tribal Lands of the Nation of Greater Creedmoor.

The name of the research director........................Rabbi Dr David Schmoigerman, Psy. D.

Of course, Rabbi Dr David Schmoigerman, the Admou"r meCreedmoor, has a legitimate claim to the title Psy. D - if it indeed stands for Psychopathically Deluded. Alternately, Rabbi Schmoigerman can claim any title and requisite certificate so long as it can be granted in the same fashion by which the venerable Admou"r received his certificate of rabbinical ordination "gezel vemirma lemehadrin". After all, this legendary and unique level of ordination was attained through the painstaking process of sending thousands of proofs of purchase from breakfast cereal boxes to a mail drop in Rockland County, New York in time for the festival of Purim.

Yet, when dealing with any matters between the Federal Government and said Admou"r, it can safely be assumed that gross fraud is involved.

And in this case, the fraud was so blatant and on such a magnificent scale that only the eminently incompetent bureaucrats of the Department of Education of the United States of America could be too obtuse to detect it.....

(more coming soon)