Monday, March 19, 2007

Creedmoorer Matzo Prices for 2007

Creedmoor MehaDreck Grocery and the Creedmoor Polymer Refinery and Matzo Bakery are proud to announce the following prices for Shmura Matzo Neki Mekoil Chashash Tzioinis this year:

Plywood Rounds from Cuban Grapefruit Trees (Mehadrin fin der Mehadrin) - 950 foodshtempelach der fint or 12000 Communistischer tzeit Ingarisher forints far a kilogram.

Pressed Sawdust Squares from Malaysian Hardwoods (Acceptable Bedieved for Those what Kennot Digest Plywood) - 825 foodshtempelach der 12 ountze fint oder 11000 Communistischer tzeit Ingarisher forints far a Kilogram

Super Yoshon Wheat Flour Rounds (far koifrim who ektually make der Tzioni brooches hamoitzi on matzo) - 65 foodshtempelach der 10 ountze fint oder 10000 Communistischer tzeit Ingarisher forintlach far a Kilogram. Super Yoshon is meanink vus der flour iz geven in a demp warehouse far at least tzein yohr before der Admou'r got aross der flour far bakink end of course gebrent der warehouse far insurance.

If dis yohr der Admou"r again is kenselling Pesach, we are very sorry but if you come tzi inz far a refund we tell you like alveys: "Shaygetz Aross". You keep tryink end inzerer Creedmoor Honer Guards Tznius Patrol zig tzi dir "Shecht'im Ooon a Broooche!"

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your recent visit and exceptionally valid and powerful comments u left.

I wanted to write to you in email. but your profile didnt have your email address.

May we be zoicha bimheiru to V'yeia kol poil Ki Ato Pealto!!

have a KOSEHREN FREILICHEN PESACH, and loz grussen gantz crdemirer chasidus fun meinet vegen