Monday, July 02, 2007

Der Admou"r's A Con - Lyrics!

They went down to the welfare office
To get a check
And one tried to get more
Because he was
A shtick dreck

Der Admou"r fin Creedmoor
That is his name
Welfare fraud and scamming
That is his game
Two thousand years in prison he deserves!

Con, con, the Admou"r's a con
He gets enough welfare
For a thousand men
And then he has the chutzpah
To apply again
That ganif should sit for years and years! (repeat)

He burns down houses that he doesn't even own
Forges signatures to get a low cost loan
Signs up phantom patients for oxygen and chairs
Sells the stuff at whatever the market will bear!
And even launders money for Syria and Iran!


But we all love the Admou"r anyway
From him we sometimes get a dollar a day
We sign our names on papers
That we can't read
To get the Admou"r money
That he doesn't need
He's stolen enough for thirteen centuries!


Now everyone says that I have stolen this song
And I'll tell you something, they really aren't wrong
But my version is so silly
That no one cares
And all I made was a food stamp and a half!


Loosely based on Dschingis Khan, 1979 Eurovision entry by German band of the same name, and Yidden, Yidden, by Mordechai Ben David. I will split one euro-cent lengthwise and send it to each creator upon request.

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