Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Weiss Release Countdown

17 more years of tshuva (2754 instead of 2737) for the great tzaddik but at least he is not being released on Yom Tov! What a zechus to be able to do tshuva for generations yet unborn - and now one more generation has been added! Yomim al y'mye mylech toisif - shnoisov kmoi doir vodoir!

Also, the Admou'r meCreedmoor spoke this past Shabbos of the great zechis which Reb Sholam'ke has to be incarcerated in Lewisburg, which means (in Creedmoorish) har ha-levi'im. Whether the Admou"r was referring to shevet Levi or the counterfeit Levi's ring he and Weiss used to operate together in Malaysia is unclear, as is anything having to do with the Admou"r and Reb Sholam'ke.

1. SHOLAM WEISS 32610-054 54 White M
11-23-2754 LEWISBURG USP

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