Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fweeky Fweedy Does Tshive


Yes, the unexpected has happened! Mamash Moshiach's tzeit! The eminently ludicrous Moishe Aryeh Friedman, whose utter lack of resemblance to either Moishe Rabbenu or a lion as well as his not exactly being tzi frieden has led me to rename him Fweeky Fweedy, has announced that he has done tshive and has renounced his love for the Naye Homon, Mahmoud Ahmadinanejendeh Dam Reshoim Yerakev.

He announced this on the frum equivalent of the Jerry Springer show, namely the Zevel Hoizbrenner circus hour, which has been (dis)graced by Fweedy, his buddy Scheiss, the infamous Bittul HaTzoimos group who are doing their part to turn Crown Heights into Clown Depths, and other various and sundry fringe freaks.

However, we at Der Vochedige Velt-Barimte Mikveh Nayes/Der Shygetz/Gelber Zhournal know the real reason for his so called tshive.

Apparently, in one of his usual harebrained schemes, Fweeky attempted to convert the Iranian toman which he received from Mad Mahmoud into US EBT credits a/k/a food shtempelach so that he could send his EBT card to sympathizers in the US who in turn would send him his beloved Green's (as in mouldy) Kokosh Cake.

Since the US and Iran do not have diplomatic relations and even the Admou"r meCreedmoor, who prints his own toman in odd-numbered denominations (and even in a user friendly fill in your own zeroes format), does not wish to associate with Fweeky these days, the transaction was impossible. In any case, even if his supporters paid in cash, no grocer would sell kokosh cake for transshipment to Fweeky, who is in chyrem across the Jewish spectrum. So, Fweeky Fweedy had to do whatever he could to get out of chyrem and get his farshtinkeneh, farshimelt cake ASAP.

Therefore, Fweeky sold out for nothing but restoration of his US food shtempelach and a few pounds of mouldy kokosh cake. He is still waiting for Zevel Hoizbrenner to figure out where Green's Bakery is located and how to get cake from Brooklyn to Vienna in one decomposing piece.

That is a bit more than the government of the medine got for selling out to world opinion in the middle of cleaning up Gaza.

Update: I have received a letter from the eminent Fweakjob himself saying that his exasperation at being the butt of my satire, especially as Adar once again approaches, was the main factor in his shocking announcement. It is presently being translated from gibberish and will be posted along with my response after Shabbos.


Mushkie said...

Truly?!? (I'm busy with schoolwork and haven't been checking the news lately).
By the way I'm also known as shlucha14, and on chanie's blog I didn't go to page 34, I just went to page 3 and realized...

Der Shygetz said...


Yes :). Freedy appeared on Zev Brenner's joke of a show (he has had the women who do not fast, Shimmy Deutsch and who knows who else on that show of his) to say that he has given up his old views and is no longer an anti-Zionist.

Yeah - and cheese is fleishig. (Using Creedmoor logic, cheese sure is fleishig. After all, cheese is a semi hard substance that originates from a cow. So is beef. Beef is fleishig. Therefore, cheese is as well).

Der Shygetz said...


And yes I know who you are LOL - hope you are enjoying the (temporary) rebirth of Creedmoor!