Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Time to Say Goodbye


Yes, I know I have threatened to close Creedmoor many, many times in the past.

But this is it. It's over after a long enough run.

I am out of time and out of material. As you can see, I have not posted anything new in a while or finished off themes that I started back around Chanukah. I just can't keep up anymore; I've moved on as we all must at some point.

I cannot in good faith monetize this as it is not exactly something I want to share with too wide an audience. Every time I spend time writing here, I am taking valuable time away from work that does provide me with an income.

All of that would be fine if I still could come up with good new material that I enjoy writing. However, this is just no longer where it's at for me. I've lost my spark; there are no buildings left to ignite and the crimes that are being exposed in our world these days are just not funny - there is just no way anyone normal can laugh at abuse and molestation.

It's hard to say goodbye on Rosh Chodesh Adar of all days, but I am afraid Creedmoor has run its course. I was working on a Hebrew version with a different theme and cultural background, but that takes me twice as much time as this, and I don't have that kind of time.

I would like to release a Creedmoor audio album in time for Purim 5773. If I do cut an album I will do it professionally in a studio and make it available as a free or very low-priced download.

So, farewell and a freilichen Peerim. I do not think I will take the blog down; my real name does not appear on it so it does not affect SEO for anything else I may have planned online.

-Getzel Paskudnej-Pashkvilkemacher and the crew at Der Shygetz.


Ariadne said...

I am so sorry and wish you well. I remember a great photograph of you from a few years ago.

Will you find us using this site if your plan is realised?

Der Shygetz said...


Not sure what you mean but I am easy to find online :).

Ariadne said...

I'm not sure what I meant either!

Will we find you if we access this site? (And your plan reaches fruition.)

And are you findable under your real name?

Der Shygetz said...

:) I work under my real name and I have a very active Facebook account under my real name. I hardly check this anymore.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading about the various antics of the residents of Creedmore and other shlemazels over the years. I hope you do leave the site up even when you no longer add content. And honestly if you publish a book, I'll buy it.

~ Brianna from iShtetl

Der Shygetz said...

Thanks! With Friedman back in the news today/yesterday, I will have an update "on his condition" within the next 24 hours.

As long as Blogger lets me keep the blog up, it will stay up!

Thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

You say:
"I am out of time and out of material".

Keep it up. There's more rechilus you can dish up, as you've been doing so well.

Der Shygetz said...

:) I never expected Friedman to come back to "prominence." If I had known, I would have said that I was off until something happened that I could really work with. I don't write parody or satire about abuse cases, so without schemers and scammers there isn't much I can write about.