Sunday, March 26, 2006

Creedmoorer Book Chapter 2 (part 1)

Randolph and Sylvia Goldman were a typical upper middle class Canadian Jewish couple, but for one thing - they had been married fifteen years and had no children. While their lives were complete in many ways, Randolph's family had been decimated by the Shoah and for that reason alone, the successful real estate developer and his wife wanted to have at least one child.

So, they turned to a number of adoption agencies, including a handful in Mrs Goldman's native New York, with a request for a Jewish child, up to three years old. The affluent, stable couple had no problem qualifying as an adoptive family, but Jewish children were hard to come by, especially as some Jewish birth mothers did not realize their child was Jewish no matter the origins of the father.

But this mattered little in the end, for the Goldmans received a call from Jewish Family Services regarding David, a two year old boy who had been taken from his Chassidic parents when his father was sentenced to a ten year term in prison for gross fraud, and when his mother, who could not take the disgrace and shame (and who was actually involved in the numerous schemes herself) either lost her mind or feigned insanity and was committed to the Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital in Queens.....(more to come shortly).

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