Sunday, July 19, 2009

Urgent Update: Schmoigerman Condemns Rioters


An urgent statement from Rabbi Dovid Schmoigerman regarding the situation in the capital of the Zionist entity, may it soon return to its proper state as a part of dar ul-Islam:

I roundly, squarely, ovally and eliptically condemn the recent burning of a welfare office along with other uninsured property in Al-Quds as-Sharif.

It is forbidden by sharia halacha to burn any property in which entitlement programs are administered, regardless of whether these payments are disbursed by infidels, the Gantze Soton or our Islamic allies.

Therefore, I hereby proclaim that those who have damaged the most holy welfare office of the evil Zionist entity in al-Quds as-Sharif are in cherem chamor, which means that they are not to receive any honors except being asked for money in any of our great and holy Creedmoorer institutions.

In addition, I must reiterate that it is wholly and completely forbidden to burn or otherwise destroy any property in any location which is not properly insured, and that arson for any purpose other than insurance fraud is considered ossur lemehadrin.

I remind all of klal Yishmoel that it is not permitted even to burn the Zionist flag in any premises which is not insured and without irreperable damage occurring to said premises even if the flag itself is not consumed. In addition, the consistent incineration of plastic material which contains plastics and resins that are manufactured in the Zionist entity, and are therefore severely contaminated with the timas haTzioinus, is a severe environmental and spiritual hazard, as it releases timas haTzioinus into the air and therefore spreads the tima even further.

Therefore, I hereby call on those who are aiding and abetting the Tzioini reshoim by violating the sharia halacha as clearly put forth by those who have not been contaminated by the timas haTzioinis to immediately cease and desist from all activities using force or fire except in cases where the intent is to perform the mitzvah of ubearta hara bekirbecho by turning the burning ashes of property which is infested with timas haTzioinus into the roaring, living flames of multiple insurance payments.

-Rabbi Dovid Schmoigerman, Cherpas Doirynee, Admou"r and Gaavad Creedmoor and Av Beis Din of the Beis Din for Fraud, Extortion and Capital Judgments, Alcatraz, California

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