Thursday, February 18, 2010

Please Comment: Should I Go Back to One Blog?


As you are probably aware, I am very erratic when it comes to updating Creedmoor. I am not a professional satirist, and because of the nature of this material I don't feel right monetizing this blog. Therefore, I do it in my (very) spare time and don't really have a plan or a system as to what I write or when.

Does anyone read the second blog (Toldois) or should I put the posts from there back up here and just write whatever I feel like writing whenever I have a chance, whether it is a new scam or a "yichus breef" (historical fiction and satire) post?

Please comment and let me know. You will be entered into a contest in which you can win four food stamps signed by the Admou"r himself and a coupon for "Porky Schmoiger's Kosher Pork Rinds" good at any shaitelmacher or shtreimel shop that accepts Czarist era EBT cards.


Anonymous said...

go back to one blog

Mikeinmidwood said...

Not really sure what you should do?

md said...

your old buddy mod-72 (or was it 86?) sez keep it in one blog

Der Shygetz said...


Thanks and I will move all of the Toldois posts back to this one as soon as I have a chance to finish the Tontiner piece.