Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Admou"r's Abode


We will be back on Sunday when we will present the life and times of the Manganeser Rov, the mysterious guest who actually hails back to the Manganeser Chassidishe hoif of Szarkonosvary, with the name given because of the family's attempt to pass off worthless rock from the outcrop that isolates Szarkonosvary from civliization as valuable manganese which was necessary in what was then the fledgling Hungarian dry cell industry. We will also bring you the results of the Admou'r's yearly mental exam, during which he enshrined himself in Creedmoor for another year by....administering the Talmudic death penalty of sreyfa (immolation by means of molten lead)to....a life sized rubber duckie!

For now, here is a link to the Admou"r's Creedmoor, real pictures of the abandoned sections of the old hospital where only phantom welfare personalities could possibly reside.

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