Saturday, November 20, 2010

Creedmoor is gone - but I have reappeared


Those who read the Tzioinish loshon of the apikorus, koifer and all around rooshe Ben-Yehuda of not so blessed memory are invited to meet the Israeli "Sefardi" version of the Admou"r meCreedmoor, HaRav (im atzmo veim kulam) Itzhak Arnona (pronounced Ahr-NOOO-naah). Rav Arnona is an expert in all things Gehennom and he can get even the biggest rosho out of there...if the price is right. And of course, Creedmoor fans will recognize the fundraising methods of this great haham balailot as being very similar to that of their favorite retired Admou"r.

So, donate 10 shekels to Rav Arnona now and get a 100 shekel tax receipt at (in case anyone is wondering about the spelling, that is how you write Gehennom in Frenkish, I mean French and I took it because the usual spelling was taken already).

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