Monday, June 06, 2011

A Por Vetter fin Inzere Sponsor - Ershte-Hilf Savinks in Loan of Jewland


Mit gretitude to Der hyliger tzaddik alyne, Reb Doovid'l fin Jewland, we are very proud to announce our newist rates on Food Stamp Certificates fin Deposit at Ershte-Hilf Savinks in Loan of Jewland.

Mir gibn a return fin 10 per cent per year on any drye-yor CD that you are openink with your EBT loaded mit 3500 tolar worth from foodstemps or more. We are havink a lisense and a heter iska fin der Byse Din from Jewland so not to worry, dis iz all kusher.

Also please to know that mir gibn a matoone tzvye gellon paint tinner in a metch to anyone who is openink any account mit foodstemps uder EBT in der choidesh.

Srool Spitzer, Chairwarmer (kvetcher) fin der Federal Reserve Bank of Jewland, is approvink all operations of der Ershte-Hilf Savinks in Loan of Jewland.

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