Thursday, August 16, 2007

"A Shabbos in Creedmoor" - song parody

Music: A Shabbos in Mezhbizh

The Indian psychiatrists don't know from a thing
Why are there a trillion patients listed in their wing
An abandoned hulk of a padded old ward
Where usually they sit around tired and bored
In Creedmoor

Somehow only one real patient is ever seen
And he is not really greeting the Sabbath Queen
In his ratty old plastic robe and tin foil hat
Four hundred and fifty pounds of rippling fat
In Creedmoor

A Shabbos in Creedmoor
Mit der Admou"r alyne
.......more coming IYH by Sunday


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Der Shygetz said...

Thanks! I fell behind today but will finish the song sometime this week.