Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Anoichi Yang Ying Roifecho" - A Month of Medical Scams in Creedmoor


The Tzionish month of Iyar is particularly accursed in Creedmoor as that is the month of the founding of the Tzioinish Entity.

But the Admou"r does agree that the month is connected to refieh (not to be confused with Rafiach where he has a couple of hashish fields) and it is in Iyar that he and his Chassidim are examined by the famous Chinese equine proctological acupuncturist Yang Ying.

And the diagnoses and treatments are a corrupt physician's dream, especially when it is very questionable as to whether the physician is not the same person as the most corrupt and indeed the only actual physical patient whom he treats.

Come back on Sunday to share in the medical discoveries of Dr Yang Ying, Certified Insurance Related Practitioner and Form Forger, wanted in three countries across two continents for gross malpractice and medical fraud, yet very hard to find since like most of the Creedmoor staff whose names appear on Medicaid, Medicare, disability, SSI and private insurance forms on Creedmoor, he seems to exist only on the welfare rolls.

Zait gezint!

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