Monday, May 31, 2010

Creedmoor Sends "Freedom Flotilla" to Fight Zionist Entity


It has been confirmed that another "Freedom Flotilla" is on its way to Gaza. Seventeen inflatable rafts, each one stuffed with phony EBT cards as well as dies and printing material to manufacture US dollar bills in "custom denominations" are being floated from Jones Beach to Gaza, with no fewer than 100,000 multiple personalities of the Admou"r on board each raft. The cards are meant for the brave fighters of Hamas sleeper cells who can print the bills and use the card numbers for purchases in Arab groceries from Brooklyn to Dearborn.

Our sources confirm that the rafts, like the scam behind them, are not seaworthy and are expected to be picked up by passing garbage barges.

However, we have confirmed that each multiple personality has already been issued a New York City death certificate to match the name on its raft of life insurance policies, all payable to "The Schmoigerman Fund for the Increase of Baseless Hatred and the Destruction of the Zionist Entity Speedily and In Our Time".

In addition, a brochure is now being printed which implores "rachmoonim bnei rachmoonim" to donate to the yesoimim and almanois of these brave "marbitzei haTzioinim" who gave their lives to fight the tzionishe koifrim in the medine. The brochure will be distributed throughout haimishe Brooklyn by "Scheiss and Dreck Distribution" a branch of the Monsey Islamic Coalition of Saddle River Road.

It is believed that the EU will be the main donor to this cause, followed by Saudi Arabia, Iran, and now Turkey.

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