Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shvache Meats was NEVER under Creedmoor certification

A rumor has been going around the underbelly of the Web stating that Shvache Meats of Monsey was actually a front for a Creedmoor moisad and was under Creedmoorer certification. This is fully incorrect.

Creedmoor certifies only pork loin, ostrich, and gefilte fish fried in lard. We would not go so low as to sell Zionist chicken as kosher. We are proud of doing everything we can to promote gezel vemirma, and we do so openly!

We in fact proclaim that Shvache Meats of Monsey, NY was and is a Zionist organization, and that its owner is thereby subject to the punishments befitting those who support the Zionist entity. He has a place waiting for him in the Ahavas Ne'arim boys choir of Creedmoor if one or more of the many people whom he cheated and gravely inconvenienced decide to render him able to sing with a very high pitched voice.

In other words, this meat mess is an example of what happens when the practices satirized in this blog get out of hand and affect the community as a whole. While everyone is tempted, and occasionally good people make bad decisions that may be illegal, there is a limit to what we can accept. When our communities tolerate dishonesty and chilul Hashem, this dishonesty comes back to haunt us both bein odom lemakoim and bein odom lachaveiroi.

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