Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Release Date for the Tzadik Hamoin Doirois Sholam Weiss has been Changed!


Yes, the authorities have heard the plea of Sholam Weiss as publicized exclusively right here on this blog! He will be released on May 17 2737 from his new position as Rosh Federal Kollel Lewisburg:

SHOLAM WEISS 32610-054 54 White M
05-17-2737 LEWISBURG USP

Which in turn comes out to:

Iyar 24, 6497

The tremendous zechus of the great tzadik hamoin hadoirois, who is enrolled in an intensive Federal tshuva yeshiva for only 729 more years, is such that his release date was indeed changed from Pesach. This also enables him to do intense tshuva for yet another month!

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