Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Talking Behemas: Perek Shiras Creedmoor part 2


And the amoeba sang: "Admou"r, your Chassidim do a better job than us when it comes to dancing on a pinhead, for they are truly as microscopic as a hundredth of a grain of sand, yet they all have names and get welfare, for so great are the deeds of our hyliger Admou"r!"

And the hippopotamus sang: "Admou"r, every time I look at your rebbetzin Izevel Tzoiah Yachne, I sing shira to Hashem that there is at least one creature in this universe that is uglier and nastier than I am!"

And the Listeria bacterium sang: "Admou"r, thank you for selling so many of us in your new butcher shop!"

And the dodobird sang: "If you want America to go the way I did, re-elect Barack Obama in 2012"

And the jackass sang: "Hashem Hee Malkynee" way off tune in the streets of Teheran and the pathways of the Dehaishe refugee camp...

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