Thursday, December 24, 2009

Usher Berkowitz Message is a Hoax...


..and whoever started it, basically by just adding a Yiddishe yingel's name to an existing hoax, belongs in the real Creedmoor. There are far more interesting and creative things to do on a cold winter day than playing pranks at the expense of people's feelings.

As for our beloved D-ward, Alcatraz and Pluto Creedmoor, tomorrow is the 25th which means that on Sunday we will have the final roundup of the Creedmoor 12 days of Chanike.

We are aware at this time that the UNHCR has indeed agreed in principle to add the refugees created by the recent Creedmoorian invasion of Pluto to its purview. We are also aware that none other than the party responsible for said invasion, namely Dovid Azazel Schmoigerman, has been appointed the director of the Pluto bureau of the UNHCR.

The principle behind this appointment is of course the same UN high moral principle that allows the Arabs to administer the Balestinian UNHCR and for Hamas and Fatah alike to run terror and theft rings through its camps.

But even Suha Arafat's Parisian accounts will be nothing if indeed the Admou"r is to receive funds for the resettlement of infinite numbers of microscopic organisms....

We also hope to have a comment from the Admou"r regarding his plans to scale up his healthcare fraud initiatives now that the Obamacare Lite health care bill has been passed...

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