Saturday, January 02, 2010

This Blog Is Developing Another Identity!


Nope, life is NOT imitating art and I do not plan to apply for blogosphere welfare under two names, or even under one name.

Starting (our) Nitel Nacht, Thursday 6 January haba aleinu lebitul zman, I will have set up a new, second Creedmoor blog which will include the yichus breef series and the old attempt at writing a Creedmoor book. This second blog will discuss the history of the Schmoigerman family and serve as the definitive annals of the Creedmoorer chassidus going back to the earliest antecedents of the Schmoigerman dynasty in ancient Judea, pre-Inquisition Spain, Poland, Hungary and of course Brooklyn.

This blog will remain as it was intended to be, that is to say, the chronicles, or news source, of and for the worldwide and interplanetary Creedmoorer community.

I will move most of the book and yichus posts to the new blog on Thursday night, and this week I will indeed have the final news from the UN high commissioner for refugees regarding the refugees from Zionist aggression on Pluto. I hope to have enough material to update both blogs once every week to 10 days.

In related news, the real life Creedmoorers, the Ku Klutz Kartel, led by the intrepid publicity seeker and all around menuval Yisroel Dovid "Scheiss" Weiss (Imam Ismail Daoud al-Beyda) were or are in Gaza for Shabbos. They now number only four, reduced from five and a half probably due to the advancing age of the Szarkonosvary Rov, Ahron (Haroun) Cohen, and the defection (or repair) of the eminently defective M.A.F. (who now passes out of the Creedmoorer orbit, having bequeathed his title of Most Reprehensible Menival Masquerading As A Frummer Yid to Solomon Drek). This should provide me with some great material this week...

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