Saturday, January 16, 2010

We'll be back by 15 Shvat


I am taking at least a one week break from Creedmoor as before we know it Purim will be here, and in Adar I plan to update almost daily.

At the very latest, the next update will be 15 Shvat (preparing one month before the chag). If I have time before then, I will at least move the yichus and history posts from here to Toldois Creedmoor and edit them so that they form a sort of parody of an Artscroll style history/biography.

In addition, I hope to record a couple of Creedmoor audio skits as well as to introduce "Rabbi Itzhak Arnona" in time for Purim. Rabbi Itzhak Arnona is the Rav of Gehennom and he will be sharing his secrets about just what goes on in Gehennom, and when he tells you about what goes on down there, you will be only too happy to purchase his many segooolot for avoiding eternity in the boiler room. Hmmm..could this have to do with boiler room scams? Considering Rav Arnona is a Creedmoorer deluxe, one can only surmise...

See you soon!

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