Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Who makes better cholent...


Rebbetzin Ahmadinejad, Rebbetzin Haniyeh 1, or Rebbetzin Haniyeh 2? Check back later as we discuss these and other crucial questions with Sheikh Yishmoel Daoud al-Beyda, also known as Yisroel Dovid Weiss, who has recently returned from a fiction finding mission to Gaza on behalf of the Creedmoor affiliated Ku Klutz Kartel of Monsey!

Will Sheikh al-Beyda reveal the identity of the unnamed female? Come back later to find out - if he doesn't we will!

NEWSFLASH: We have been informed that Sheikha al-Beyda, the chador clad wife of our interviewee, has obtained all three recipes from her husband's erstwhile hosts and we hope to share them with you here as well!

Another Der Shygetz - Creedmoor Chronicles exclusive!

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