Monday, November 07, 2005

Der Admou"r's Becher is On Ebay!!

Der Admou"r unfortunately iz nisht aroysgeforn fun jail and now we sell his becher in oichet Kois shel Brocho on Ebay far'n his Legal Defense Fund! Bid now and bid high!!!

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kepipesiom said...

Esteemed Chronicler:

Five hundred dollars is far too much, even for such an important and imposing artifact as the Admour's own Becher. In the event that no bids are forthcoming, I suggest you resubmit, with a starting bid of fifty cents. I would be eager to submit the first bid, and would be willing to go as high as two dollars US if need be.

What is the condition of this splendid silver chalice? Is it sterling silver, or merely European 800 fine? Are the Admour's fingerprints and lip marks present, or has the becher been washed?

Pleas submit additional views, so we can see any fine scrollwork it may have, as well as any scribblings the Admour may have etched into the surface.

In eager anticipation of the next round of bidding,
Giorgies E. Kepipesiom,
former cell-mate and former disciple of the Admour's neighbour and rival, Master Tekhelet