Thursday, November 03, 2005

Please Add in Avyros on Behalf of the Admou"r

From a request sent by the Admou"r from the Kennedy Airport detention cell in which he is now housed:

Myne tayerer soldiers in der fight against the tuma fin Tzioinis:

Almost a week I roast here mit Kolombianer drug dealers, Efriken stowavays in a Meksiken or two. End beck in Kridmor der Un A Broches in der Mit A Broches zenen in broigez in mach gantz milchome. You want this should end? I want you should make even more avyros den you usually do:

1) Random acts of hooliganism will bring about myne release. So I want det you should turn over a car, burn a house - nisht far insurance, far thrills. Remember dat it takes a karpenter to build a house, but any jackass can kick it down. Karpenter - is det a job for a Jewish boy? No - so better you should be a jeckess and kick down something dat some poor shmoiger builded.

2) Get involved in every machloikes in der velt. A fight in Vilyamsberg? Great - half of you take one side and half of you take der anderer side. And one of you stab both sides in the beck by pretending to do from one side and really being from der anderer.

3) Increase in the printing end sale from fake documents and fake currency end remember to kesh from it at least tventy sents from der Satan doller. The Great Satan is just a fake to begin with, end da more we make from him an ess de closer we get to the ultimate viktery of the hyliger klipa against such Tziyoini ideas fin ahavas yisroel, achdis, in bifrat we should never see no coming fin der Tziyoini leader der Moshiach.

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