Thursday, November 17, 2005

Has Creedmoor Run its Course?

Well, the Admou"r was indeed released yesterday, just in time for the yahrtzeit of his Rebbe, the Tzoirer Hokodosh of Ramallah YMS. But does anyone care to read about Creedmoor anymore, or has it run its course? Please let me know!


hashfanatic said...

Of course we want Creedmoor!

It's just that there's so much real-time meshugganeh jive going down in government, news, etc., that we needed to take a temporary break from it in order not to overload!!

The Jewropean said...

Keep up Creedmoor! I'm impatiently waiting for the blog entry about Creedmoor and the Frumteens moderator you promised a long time ago.

Lvnsm27 said...

The creedmoore stuff is kind of funny. please however don't put in real people.

The Jewropean said...


Why not? And these are real people in there already, like Moshe Hirsch. I don't think the difference between Hirsch and Shapiro (Frumteens) isn't so big in terms of hashkafa.

Der Shygetz said...

OK - looks like I will be back! The Frumteens post is long since there - check creedmoorteens.

As for real people, is it the Lipa/MBD skit that offended you? I thought long and hard about that one and decided that since Lipa is positioning himself as a semi-comedian, and since I hinted that it is not the real Lipa "at least that is what it says on his MasterCard), that I would do it with his name (there is nothing negative about MBD in the post) as it would probably help his career rather than hurt it! It is also meant as a parody of some of the nonsense that kids spread about some Jewish performers, and Lipa happens to be the flavor of the month in the kiddie pool of the mikve.

However, Moshe Hirsch, Moshe Arye Friedman, Mr Beck, and the other schmeggege whose name I have mercifully forgotten, are tzoirerim and therefore will be mentioned at will. Sholam Weiss is no longer frum, but his disgusting behaviour brought so much shame to our communities that I also consider him fair game.

In any case, I will IYH be back sometime this week, with some news from the greatest of all gedoilim who cling with great deveikus to the porcelain walls of the kisse hakavod until removed with Lysol or Sano-bol........bishos hadoir ve'klimasoi, ben yochid d'sitra achra, Kvoid Kedeishois Dovid Schmoigerman, the man who gives new meaning to the word menuval!

Lvnsm27 said...

no it wasn't that. it was a different post.

The Jewropean said...


thanks for mentioning creedmoorteens i actually found it. thanks a lot.

ps: how can i buy shishi for an aliya to the koran in creedmoor? ;-)

Der Shygetz said...

LV - I am not in the business of causing tzar to those who do not cause tzar to Klal Yisroel (ie the NK chain gang and Sholam Weiss -and the original troll Creedmoorer whose name is most probably not David in any case). If I did use a real name then I was not being careful and I would appreciate your pointing it out.

Jewropean - to buy shishi you would have to commit three or more issurei kares, 5 skilas, and 18 sreyfo jobs (yesh omrim that he means issurei sreyfo - acherim oimrim that this means 18 arson for profit deals). You would also have to be eligible for welfare, medicaid, SSI and Section 8 - HEAP is a plus. And you would have to take a non-Zionist name such as Koirach, Yishmoel, Eisov or Noam Chomsky.

The Jewropean said...

Am I right in my assumption that Chassidei Creedmoor are inspired by Shabbatai Tzvi Y'SH who also encouraged aveiros and converted to Islam?

The Jewropean said...

On a serious note, actually the Dönme community, ie Shabbatai's adherents who converted to Islam, still exists and is active in Turkey, they seem to combine Islam and Zohar.

The Turkish/German Islamist of dubious fame, Metin Kaplan, is of that origin. He is not related to Mordechai Kaplan, the founder of the Reconstructionist apikorsus, um, movement.

Der Shygetz said...

:) nope - Creedmoor is a parody of the problems that sadly do exist in our community as well as the way those who attack us blow the problems out of proportion. The original Admou"r meCreedmoor was a sad Internet troll who quoted snippets of Torah to prove that Zionism is the root of all evil.

Interesting facts:

Donmeh in modern Turkish means someone who has a sex change operation!!!! (comes from to turn around).

And Kaplan in Turkish means tiger - it is not an uncommon surname and has zilch to do with the (Cohen) surname of Kaplan which is linguistically related to the word chaplain and comes from Polish IIRC.

The Jewropean said...

Türkce Konusuyormusunuz? :-)

As for Kaplan's origin, serious scholars have published that though.

I've heard the original admor mentioned, but where can I actually read something from him?

Vive la république,
the Jewropean