Thursday, July 07, 2011

Coming Sunday: A New Summer Camp for Your Precious Children


Introducing "Kemp Chutz laMachane" - the new summer camp for the second half of summer that undoes the damage caused by your child's first half of summer camp! And "Machane Machon Nevela" for girls - run by the famous staff of the "Machon Nevela" seminary that has educated three generations of Federal koilel wives in the fine art of dependency on Federal entitlement programs.

Aren't you tired of your little Moishele coming home and talking about ahavas Yisroel and learning and being a tzaddik? Aren't you sick of your Fyga Byla showing off childish arts and crafts projects and telling about how she went with her bunk to visit an old age home and talk to the decrepit elte kokehlach there?

Well, now you can get your child ready for the same double life you've always been leading! We'll make sure you can shep nachas in 10 years or so when your son begins his first five years of learning at Otisville or Fort Dix while your daughter is busy collecting welfare payments so she can buy a new $2000 sheitel every month!

Kemp Chutz laMachane for boys and Machane Machon Nevela for girls....starts August 1 and check back here Sunday to find out how to register....the camps are conveniently located between Jewland and Otisville!

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Reb Yid said...

Love it.