Sunday, July 31, 2011

Creedmoor in Negotiations to Purchase American Debt



The Admou"r meCreedmoor is said to be in secret talks with his fellow fifth column, Barack Hussein Obama, regarding purchase of the entire debt of the United States.

The Admou"r, who is the second largest issuer of unbacked currency in the world after the United States Government, has offered to print enough bills to assume the entire sovereign debt of the United States.

Obama is now mulling whether to accept a quick Schmoigerman takeover of the US economy or to continue his present policy of slowly allowing China and the Gulf oil dictatorships to purchase the US and diminish its sovereignty over a longer period of time.

Schmoigerman has stated that he would happily install Obama as President-for-Life of the new "Creedmooramerica" so long as he retains full financial control of the new entity. Negotiations are now centering on whether Obama is willing to accept changing the name of the US currency to "der Foodshtemp."

The Admou"r is presently mourning the untimely but nevertheless overdue death of his shaliach to the Zionist entity, Francois Aboutboul of Netanya, and it is unknown when talks with Obama will resume.

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