Sunday, July 10, 2011

Double Header Tomorrow: Breaking News of New Medicare Scam


As we await the release of the application form for Kemp Chutz laMachane, we have been informed that the Admou"r has been operating a chain of auto repair and collison (or is it collusion) shops that have been billing Medicare and Medicaid, as well as Family Health Plus, for auto repair jobs.

All we know at present is that the Admou"r somehow obtained insurance billing codes from suborned Medicare and Medicaid employees, and that he somehow adapted the codes to automotive parts and procedures. Two of the Federal employees involved in the Medicare scheme have such unusual names, even for Affirmative Action hires, that we are contacting the parties present at their wrongful and unfortunate birth to find out why they carry such originally embarrassing and ethnically diverse names.

More tomorrow as we uncover the mystery of the "Rechev Yisroel" chain of car repair shops and how they manage to turn cars into people for billing purposes.


Lemon said...

I am still waiting for the Admou'r to run for President.
There is still time and I would love to see his solutions to all our problems.

Der Shygetz said...


He already ran for President and won in 2008! Obama is but one of the many multiple personalities of the Admou"r!

The question is when the Admou"r himself will seize power to replace his multiple personality.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about the Aish Kodesh board member who turned out to be a chossid of the Admou'r instead of Rabbi Weinberger?

Der Shygetz said...


What we're not sure of on that one is whether he ever belonged to the very non-Creedmoorer Aish Koidesh in Woodmere or whether there was an account mixup with the Admou"r's "Aish Kodesh" fund, which subsidizes barrels of gasoline for koilel yingerleit who can't buy gas with food-shtempelach.

If we find anything out, we will certainly report it!