Friday, July 08, 2011

Shifcha Magazine: A New Women's Magazine


N'shei Creedmoor-East under the direction of Rebbetzin Izevel-Tzoiah-Yachne Schmoigerman is proud to launch the first issue of Shifcha Magazine - the new magazine for the new Jewish woman.

Articles include:

"Supporting Your Husband in Federal Koilel - Don't Leave it All to Fetter Shmeel!"

"Raising Children who were Thrown in Washing Machines as Babies" - special interview with Rebbetzin Dwek, mother of Solomon Dwrek, and Mrs. Weiss, mother of Yisroel Dovid Weiss.

"The Beauty of a Burqa and the Comfort of a Chador - The New Beged Isha from Farkokta Fashions."

"Making the Most of Your Federal Entitlement Benefits."

"Recipe Corner: Using a Suspicious Fire to Grill Meats and Poultry."

"Teaching Your Sons What to Look For When They're on Mishmeres haTznius Duty."

"Raising the Ultimate Menivel or Cholere"

"Eshes Chayil of the Month: Casey Anthony"

"Beauty Secrets from Helen Thomas and Hanan Ashrawi"

"Teaching Your Children to Enjoy and Participate In Machloikes."

"A Summer Wildlife Safari to Circle Square and New Joel."

The magazine is available at:

Byle's Burqas - Ramat Beit Shimush and Jewland Branches

Federal Koilel Store - Williamsburgh, Double Park and Jewland

Schnorred Shaitlach - Otisville

Byse Esav d'Creedmoor

and from your local mosque or al-Qaeda front operation.

Price: 3 EBT units or 5 foodshtempelach

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