Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ramadan at Creedmoor

Horoos from inzerer hyliger Admou"r sheyirfash:

Please remember that this year, Ramadan begins on the same day as the Zionist feast of Rosh Hashanah. Therefore, those who walk in the light of the flickering four watt bulb of Chassidus Creedmoor ve'sha'ar marin bishin are reminded NOT to begin fasting for Ramadan until Friday morning, 34 September 2005 so as to avoid marking the Zionist holiday in ANY way. In addition, the Feast of Sinos Chinom lezecher Gedalia IS doiche Ramadan.

A reminder to those of our Chassidim who are in State or Federal Kollel: Please instruct your wardens to allow you to exercise your Constitutional right to observe the Ramadan fast beginning ONLY on Friday morning REGARDLESS of the practices of your fellow B'nei Yishmoel.

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