Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wrongful Birth and Goi'al Nefesh

The Disjointed Jewish Communities of Creedmoor and the Ferdganver Foundation are pleased to present two new programs for those who wish to visit or settle in the Zionist Entity may it be destroyed bimhyro beyamynee:

Wrongful Birth and Goi'al Nefesh.

Been to the Zionist entity but never visited Kever Hatzoirer in Ramallah, or spent a Shabbos with a Hamasser Chassidic family? Then WRONGFUL BIRTH is for you! We fly reform school students to the Palestinian Lacking in Authority for a 2 week program including:

Aliya laKever to Ramallah
Stonethrowing Contests
Visits to bomb making workshops
Speeches by Hamasser and Jihadder Rabbonim
and a SHABBOS WITH MOISHE HIRSCH in Mea Shearim or at the Kever, depending upon the weather and Rabbi Hirsch's treatment schedule.

And if you decide you want to settle in the hyliger Palestinianer medina we offer:

Goi'al Nefesh

Free flights, subsidised tents, employment as a bomb maker, stone throwing lessons for your tayere kinder - what could be better? And we show you how to claim US welfare, UN refugee aid, EU aid, do-gooder packages, and, yes, even Zionist bituah leumi - while dedicating yourself to a career of destroying the Zionist Entity.

"I give my blessings, tiff, tiff in tuchis, to all who participate in these holy programs." (Rabbynee Moishe Hirsch, Rov of Marbeh beCheromim, al-Quds, Falastin.)

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