Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Creedmoorer Nation Opens A Casino - part 1!

The Admou"r realized that he had to do something fast. To be sure, the independence of the Republic of Creedmoor was now recognized by Andorra, Iran, France and Malaysia, as well as by the Palestinian Authority and the Taliban National Front of Afghanistan. And the "Independent Republic of Creedmoor" accounts in Switzerland were full to the brim with EU aid transfers. But, after his long adventure in the Kennedy Airport immigration lockup, the Admou"r knew that his independent status was worth little - and what was worse, as the "Admou"r For Life" of an independent country, he could no longer receive US entitlement programs - and neither could any other personality in his fiefdom.

So, the Admou"r cut up his "Independent Republic of Creedmoor" passport, and, in due conformity with "Law 65856356 of the Code of Regulations of the European Union of Socialist Failed Economies Regarding the Transfer of Funds to Corrupt Dictators Who Oppose Israel," transferred the millions in EU subsidies to his personal accounts in Switzerland and Panama.

He then called the Department of Defense and stated his intention to cede the entire territory of the Independent Republic of Creedmoor back to the United States. But, as always with Creedmoor, there were some strings attached..............

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