Monday, October 31, 2005

Please recite Perek Pay....

The situation has become quite dire as the hyliger Admou"r has now been in detention in Kennedy Airport for a mere five days. In the meantime, the dispute between the Mit a Brooche and Un a Brooche factions rages on!

The Va'ad Hanarronim and the Moetzes Haganovim of the Disjointed Jewish Communities of Creedmoor ask that all who wish to see the release of our hyliger Rebbe sheyirfash so that he can continue to lead klal Yishmoel into sheol tachtis kindly recite perek Pay (80) followed by perek Tzaddik (90) of the Koran after each time Asher Yotzar is recited.

A public recital of these two prokim will take place tonight at 11.30 pm in Federal and State koilelim, mosques, and other mekoimois kedeishois throughout the US, Canada and Afghanistan. For more information, please call 1-888-TSU-DRAYT.

In the merit of our recital of these hyliger satanic Verses, may the Admou"r continue to reach new depths of depravity in his service of the Sitra Achra.

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