Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Weekly Questionnaire from Cheder Pesha ve'Resha


Like most schools, Creedmoor's flagship chyder sends a weekly questionnaire to parents of its fortunate students. Here is an example of same, in the original Hymish:


Names vus is registered mit dem welfare (please to use as much space from which you need):

How many times is your son this week making fights with his brider in shvester?_________

How many times is usink your kid bad language tzi redn about der Tzioinim or anyone else from which not is agreeing Chassidis Creedmoor?____________

How many times your yingle has lifted from shops this week?____________

Your yingle has maybe done his part far "Mivtza Break Your Neighbor's Fenster, Bike, Arm or Leg if He Doesn't Dress or Daven Exactly as You Do?" Please tell what has he done!_____________________

When the social worker is gekimen in shteeb, how many brother and sister is telling her your yingle is havink? Is it more or less than what you shrabt on the welfare?__________

Your yingle has burnt something down this week? Yoh___ Nyne___

Is your yingle learnink bed words in Spenish and Aynglish so he ken start fights with the shkootzim? Please not to be afraid to write from what werds he lernt.____________

Did your yingle have a food fight at the last chassune, bar mitzvah, vort or Section 8 approval party he is attending?__________

How many times your yingle is burning the Tzioinish flag? Far grades 1-2 has he done it this week in a warehouse near the gas?_______

Did your yingle manage to koif a bicycle oder an mp3 player mit foodshtemps or did he just steal one?_________

Please to be dishonest in usual Creedmoor feshion; is gekimen a prize (a yichid mitt'n Rebb'n) for the kid who is havink the best answers yeder voch for the next 2 chodoshim.

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