Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The first KKK certified product is...


Effective as soon as the check cashes, the following product is certified Kasher leMehadrin leGoalei Nefesh and Noki Mekol Chashash Timas haTzioinis by the "KKK" regardless of whether any symbol appears on the boxes:

"Uncle Mahmoud"'s No Hands Rice Casserole, Kholsad-Jendeh Sharia Rice Mills, Shiraz, Iran.

No Hands Rice Casserole (horesht-i-khosdeh) mixes are easy to use even when recovering from a second or third sharia amputation. We at KKK Kashrus are pleased to welcome our first product and its most reliable manufacturer, Sharia Judge "Chainsaw Mohammad" Ahmadzadeh.

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