Monday, June 08, 2009

Attention all you pervs and sickos!


Well, I see that quite a few of you got here by searching for the title of a planned film that is about a girl with the same first name as the unfortunate Miss Landau who is the protagonist of the Creedmoorer tznius play. Bad news, guys. I am no fan of that kind of stuff and I have had a runin with the schmendrick behind the planned chilul Hashem and disgusting toeva on another site already.

I want to tell you right off that I am not one of you pervs and sickos and not one bit like the sick individual who is behind that film and other sick nonsense that is going on in the online and now the real world frum community. Far from it. I do push the envelope here a bit, but I do it by exposing the seamy underbelly of the community that you pervs, like the Creedmoorer fraudsters, are a part of. And I've got you covered, to put it mildly.

But, since at the end of the day, I am here to have fun, I will soon tell all of you, my loyal clean haimish fun seekers who support my social criticism through satire as well as you sick pervs out there in the mikve steam rooms, about the new Creedmoorer movie...and how you, too, can become both an investor and a star in the one and only Cholerye Cleans Creedmoor......

See everyone next Sunday 22 Sivan with the plot line and reviews of the great new flick in which Cholerye, a graduate of the Porkois Oyl Seminary for Wayward Girls, tries to defraud none other than the Admou'r herself by trying to get him involved in a series of zany investment scams that would make Bernard Madoff blush and add another few centuries or millennia to Reb Sholam Weiss's jail term!

And of course we'll even let you in as a privileged investor who can get a package of shares in a guaranteed flop that far surpasses anything Mel Brooks ever dreamed up for the Producers, both as far as flop potential and percentages well exceeding 100% are concerned!

(Newsflash: The Nigerian Board of Exalted 419 Scammers has advised its members NOT to invest in Cholerye Cleans Creedmoor - that is how guaranteed the movie is to gross far less than will ever be invested in it...or will the Admou"r manage to wrangle a profit out of it at Cholerye's expense....we shall see next Sunday!)

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