Sunday, June 21, 2009

Preview: Cholerye Cleans Creedmoor - The Scam Flick that Almost Suckered the Admou"r Himself!


The abandoned grounds of Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital that Rabbi Dovid Schmoigerman calls home for reasons of incurable insanity and even more incorrigible avarice are rather dilapidated and in a total state of disarray.

After all, Schmoigerman spends most of his time in Iran, Alcatraz, North Korea, the Palestinian Disarray and any other rogue country that will welcome him, including Berkeley, California whose city rebels against their elders granted him honorary residence this past week.

So, when Clara Kosinzki, a Polish cleaning woman who declared her allegiance to Creedmoor by taking on the first name Cholerye and signing up for welfare in all fifty states despite her illegal alien status, offered to clean the entire grounds of the Schmoigerman compound free of charge, in exchange for being able to make a movie about her exploits, Reb Dovid was only too happy to accept.....

(Come back later in the week for the rest of the plot and the harebrained scheme behind this classic film...)

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