Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Creedmoorer Explains that Machloikes Will Continue Forever


During his famous yechidis (yichud) with his loyal "Bulvanim" squad members after Tzioinish Yom Kippur kiddush yesterday, the Admou"r meCreedmoor explained that machloikes and violence between Jew and Jew will continue forever:

"Loi yissa GOY el GOY cherev" has nothing to do with any Yidden like ourselves, for we, unlike Tzioinim, are not called goyim or even shkootzim but rather we are the only ones who can be called Yidden as we are untainted by tzioinis, work and other goyishe concepts.

Therefore, even after the Lemach haMasriach has arrived, we, the chosen of the chosen, the Bulvanim who are chosen to defend Chassidis Creedmoor against all invaders, real or imagined, will continue our machloikes and even violent machloikes against all others who usurp the name Jew. It will be only the goyim, those who follow such goyishe concepts as the 613 mitzvos or even the 7 mitzvos bnei Noach, who will stop fighting and lead boring, meaningless, unexciting lives after the end of time".

After that speech, the Bulvanim attempted to walk to nearby shuls to start fights and violence, but were too drunk from the "Sholam Weiss Vineyards Pruno" which they drank at kiddush to accomplish much other than being stopped by guards when attempting to leave the Creedmoor grounds.

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