Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boilish Krechtz: R' Yair Hoffman presents an interview with a real, live Creedmoorer!


The video is from and an English translation can be found there as well. (Boilish speaks Tzioinish but no English which makes him suspect right there. I would think a real kanoi would speak Yiddish and English).

Yoilish (a desecration of the name of the heiliger Tzaddik Reb Yoilish ZYA in this case) Krauss is the self appointed kanoi in charge of the Yerushalayim demonstrations.

Please remember that the Admou"r meCreedmoor does NOT advocate destruction of property, EVEN if it is a Tzioinish dishrag-flag, EXCEPT for purposes of illicitly obtaining insurance and then being able to claim to the judge that you are a mentally incompetent pyromaniac.

Neither the Admou"r nor his purported creator endorse the actions of this "Yoil Boil ha-Niddois" and we wish him a swift and permanent cherem as he is clearly not insane, but rather corresponds to the resh in the acronym TziBuR (tzaddikim, beinoinim, you know the last one). Yetamu chatoim min haaretz, chatoim af loi choitim but I don't think anyone will miss this one if he has a little work accident the next time he and his cronies burn tires or garbage cans. Anyway, that posuk ends - vereshoim oid einom.

And if you see him on the street, it is a segula to yell "Shygetz Aross" three times so as to negate the influence of his tuma, which is 1000 times worse than tumas hatzioinis even in Creedmoor. Please check the Zionist law regarding animal abuse before throwing a brick or rock at him because it is not worth sitting in a tzioini jail for this farkokte vilde chaye. On the other hand, "Shygetz Aross" was invented specifically for this mutant.

Yoilish Krauss (Boilish Krechtz) is a clear candidate, along with Solomon Drek, for Menivel of the Year 5769, and again it would be no great tragedy for klal Yisroel if he does not quite make it into 5770 in one piece - or if he ends 5769 in so many pieces that even the true charedim leshem Hashem of ZAKA cannot find all of the shards and fragments of this fragment of a man so that he does not even merit kevura beYisroel.

The only positive thing I can find to say about this menivel is that with the former Freeky Freedy of Vienna supposedly out of the running because he has done tshive, Boilish Krechtz does the best job ever of parodying himself and his self defined kanoius every time he opens his foul trap. And unlike the one who was formerly referred to as Freeky Freedy, this menivel is dangerous and violent.

The Ku Klutz Kartel of the USA and Europe is just a clown show like this blog. This is unfortunately the real thing.


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