Monday, April 13, 2009

Creedmoorer Chad Gadyo and quick Echod Mi Yodea..


Man tatte bought a goat
He paid shoyn two C-note
He took that lousy goat
And cut its own throat

Life insurance for the goat
Was enough to buy a boat
In the river go the boat
And Tatty say it doesn't float

Insurance paid twice for the boat
And ten times for the goat
Not bad for a stinkin goat
That cost just 2 C-note

For Tatty that wasn't enough
Cuz life is getting tough
He buy diamonds in the rough
And a machine he can buff

The machine he say no work
But Tatty iz no jerk
He call the insurance clerk
On his face a great big smirk

Insurance send many C-note
Lots more den for the goat
And ten times den for da boat
Tatty puff up and gloat

So Tatty buy a store
Make a fire, den no more
Burn down to the core
And insurance pay the store

Den Tatty build a mall
No one rent dere at all
A flood ruin the mall
And insurance pay for all

Again Tatty puff up and gloat
Much more than for the goat
Dat Tatty slit its throat
And buy for just 2 C-note

Tatty say now he poor
And business he not sure
No insurance no more
Kollel open its door

Tatty get Section-8
SSI cause he's tzu drayt
He get up very late
Then check de Forex rate

He learn a line a day
Not care he get no pay
Dere is just no way
Welfare know what he put away

Not bad for just a goat
Dat cost only 2 C-note


Who knows one?
I know one!
One is the Admou"r meCreedmoor
Without his welfare names!

Who knows two? 
I know two!
Two are the Creedmoor shuls
In Creedmoor and Alcatraz!

Who knows three?
I know three!
Three are the Creedmoorer kehillos
On the tax exemption rolls!

Who knows four?
I know four!
Four are the ways to off someone
Lead, sword, rope and stones!


Who knows eight?
I know eight!
Eight is the section of the Housing Act!


Who knows 150 quintillion?
I know 150 quintillion!
150 quintillion are the Chassidim of the Admou'r
In Heaven, on Earth and in the stars!


Mushkie said...

It's jumped recently? Used to be only about 3 trillion if I recall correctly.
Creedmoor hasn't been affected by the economic downturn? Now thatwould be a post!

Der Shygetz said...


Why of course Creedmoor has been affected POSITIVELY by the downturn! More people out of work means less scrutiny of welfare, section 8, disability and SSI applications as well as easier guidelines.

So, in order to offset his losses in Citicorp and AIG, the Admou"r created more and more new personalities (nishmasin chadatin).