Monday, April 06, 2009

Pesach Schedule


Yesterday I did not have a proper connection to the Net; the problem was resolved only late this morning.

And believe it or not, the environmental post will take a little research on my part to understand what a carbon credit is according to the Kyoto Protocol so that I can understand and explain the gibberish which Schmoigerman sent me regarding his EU emissions credit scheme.

I hope to do this by erev Pesach; if not then since comedy is mutar during sfira I will return IYH the Sunday after Pesach (and it hardly matters that Moshiach will have come by then because according to Rambam Schmoigerman's nature will not change for at least 40 years and comedy will still be mutar!)

So, in case I do not blog again until after Pesach, I wish my readers a kosher in frylichen Pysach and hatzlacha mitten dem gitte sryfes.

On behalf of the Admou"r, I remind everyone who intends to kasher according to the most machmir method of libum (torching) of all surfaces in your home (as endorsed by the Admou"r meCreedmoor in his sefer Nesivois Tzoiah ha-Roitachas), to please schnell roft zan our affiliated agent Schlumiel-Schlemendrick Hoizbrenner. 

Hoizbrenner has been relocated from Otisville to G-building and can be reached at 917-BURN-IT. In recognition of the poor economy and therefore the greater demand for his services, he offers a package for EUR 999.99 payable in 10 easy payments of EUR 399.99 per month for 12 months. 

The "Schmoiger-Package" includes incineration of up to 3000 sq. ft of property, insurance with Assicurazoni Schmoigerman SpA of Sicily, as well as the services of Hymie the Hymishe Fire Adjuster. Hymie will be on hand to properly adjust both the gas taps in your home and the fire marshal's report as needed.

Call him now! 

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