Thursday, April 30, 2009

Madoff and Borukhova Honored at Yom Ha'Atzamois Banquet...


In keeping with the Creedmoor tradition of rewarding the grossest and most vile mechalelei Hashem of the year, Bernard Madoff was honored at the main sryfis hadegel and banquet, and Dr Mazoltuv Borukhova was the guest of greatest esteem at the N'shei Cholere d' Chabad Yom ha'Atzamois truncheon luncheon and burqa fashion exhibition.

And both were officialy welcomed into the bathroom medicine cabinet of the Independent Anti-Zionist Republic of Baseless Hatred of Creedmoor - Madoff as Finance Minister and Borukhova as Minister of Health and Instant Justice.

But everyone knows that both of these great and honorable people are under government was it that both showed up at a banquet held in the exercise ward of Creedmoor?

Did the Admou"r really manage to outscam and take advantage of the greatest scammer of the century while he defrauded a heartless murderer? 

We know the answer is of course in the affirmative..........................

More coming on Sunday.....

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