Friday, April 03, 2009

Preview: Der Admou"r Becomes an EnvironMentalist.


Among the other chidushim we heard at the Yahrtzeit Tish was a lengthy speech in which der Admou"r sheyirfash spoke about global warming and the need to recycle.

Considering the amount of plastic and tin foil used by the nearly 200 quintillion known and duly registered Creedmoorer Chassidim, the spurious revenues accruing to the Admou'r for recycling this waste (or somehow proving that he has collected it for recycling) are astounding.

Add to that the noxious and ozone deforming gases produced by burning down the number of buildings that the Admou"r and his Chassidim claim to incinerate every hour on the hour, and the potential for abuse of worldwide environmental laws reaches truly Creedmoorian proportions.

So how is the Admou"r managing to profit from both recycling AND creating huge amounts of pollution?

More coming soon.....

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