Sunday, April 19, 2009

"The Cashorcharger Rebbe": Schmoigerman aged 12-14


We received this letter from Rabbi Y.L.G, who was Dovid Schmoigerman's teacher in yeshiva ktana (translated from Yiddish):

"Thank you for your constant updates about my most memorable talmid, Dovid Schmoigerman. He was 12 when I had the distinct displeasure of having to teach him basic Mishna and Chumash as well as basic semi-human midois.

You would probably be thrilled to know that Dovid began his career as an admou"r when he was in my class. He came to yeshiva every day wearing a bekeshe and shtreimel 3 sizes too big for him, and at lunch he would terrorize younger talmidim into giving him their lunches and snacks so that he could sell them back to his victims at 5 times the price paid. If he did not receive the money, he would harass the parents and tell them that their son was affected by some klala or another and that paying him $50 would be the best way to make sure their sons were not thrown out of yeshiva for having this klala.

He would then ask for another $150 for a brocho, and at the end of the transaction, to which some scared parents actually did agree, he would ask "kesh or charge". (Apparently he had a deal with a local shop to allow him to get cash in exchange for credit card numbers which the shop would bill and then abuse. Schmoigerman received up to 40% of the take from the abuse of the numbers as well).

Thus, he became known as the Cashorcharger Rebbe. 

Little did his Chassidim know that their Rebbe was 12 years old and wore high heeled women's shoes, hidden by his overly long bekeshe, in order to look as if he was of adult size and height.

From what I remember the scam lasted until he was 14 or so and discovered such pleasures as used jewelry swindles, sale of stolen merchandise, and the bedrock of his Rebbeschaft today, welfare and Medicaid fraud. He was expelled from yeshiva ktana in any case after about 6 months of his shtick and managed to forge papers showing that he still was a talmid in our yeshiva while he spent most of his days doing his Rebbe shtick."

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