Sunday, May 17, 2009

Admou"r Returns From Iran with Diagnosis of Dutch Elm Disease L"A R"L..


"We ask that people daven for the well being of our great and exalted Leader, the Menivel haDor beKol HaDoros, Ben Yochid d'Sitra Achra, Roish veRishoin leKol Dovor shebeGezel veMirmo, Kvoid Kedeishas Addledeinu Moroneinu veRabideinu, who is suffering from a severe case of Dutch Elm Disease, contracted while in Iran. 

He is in critical condition in his private ward at Creedmoor and is being treated by several international specialists.

Please say prakim Pay and Tzaddik of the Koran 170 (Pay Tzaddik) times while standing on your head for the refuah sheleima of all the gufim and nefashois of Rabbeyne Doovid ben Cholerye..."

Dutch Elm Disease, the scourge of many a tree, has somehow infected the Admou"r meCreedmoor. A one of a kind medical occurence? A new strain of Dutch Elm Disease which is found in Iran and attacks people? Or the prelude to a colossal new medical scam?

More tomorrow...

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